Homebuyer's property checklist


Of course, first impressions count when you're buying a new home or moving house. You're picturing how you'll furnish each room, which shades of paint will create that cosy atmosphere for you to call "home" and mapping out where you'll place all your bits and bobs.

But, personal touches aside, it's not always easy to see, or know, what might need fixing until you move in which makes the prospect of moving house seem a little daunting, to say the least.

我们的便利homebuyer的清单will keep you aware of what to look for when looking at a property, and it may even help you when agreeing a price.

Homebuyers checklist

What to do when buying a house?

Once you've saved up for your deposit and stamp duty, and spoken to your broker or bank about how much you can borrow, you're ready for the exciting bit. There's many things to do, see, check and follow up on but it'll all be worth it once you find your dream home. If you're lucky enough to have already found a suitable property, it's worth getting a房屋调查报告done.

Why is a homebuyer's checklist useful?

When you're viewing a potential new home your imagination might be running wild with things you want to add. A brand new kitchen, a cosy fireplace in the living room, maybe a built-in sound system if you're really lucky? But, even if the property looks great, there might be less obvious things you need to check for and ask about.

Using a homebuyer's property checklist can help highlight any work that needs to be done when you move in, and help avoid unexpected bills for emergency repairs. It gives you practical advice on what to look for in the following key areas:

  • Central heating and radiators
  • Electrics and alarms
  • Roofs and attics
  • Household pests
  • 墙壁,地板,窗户和门
  • 漏斗
  • Damp
  • 外观和花园

New build vs old house?

Apart from how they look, older buildings and new builds should be treated in the same way. During the home buying process, it's worth knowing thatnewer builds tend to have better energy efficiency标准和通常较少修复,但这并不意味着你不应该在可能影响你的保险时用细齿梳检查一切。

When purchasing a new build, you should check with the building developers about the materials used, as these will usually be asked in your buildings insurance application process.

For example, many new build houses are timber framed rather than bricks and mortar. They might have bricks on the outside, but the timber frames mean they are classed as non-standard constructions. This will need to be declared to your insurer so its important to know what materials are being used – in addition to whichlockswill be used on the property.

Likewise, when buying an older property, make sure you know what materials have been used and whether any work has been done to the property. If it's a上市大楼, make sure you understand the restrictions.


Your potential new house is more than just four walls, bricks and mortar. There's some extra things to remember when viewing a potential home.

仔细检查该区域的理事会税如何 - 您可以通过查找邮政编码并进入政府的理事会税收乐队页面. Also ask if the property is freehold or leasehold, if it's leasehold, ask about the annual ground rent.

It's also worth looking at the surroundings outside. Everything may look great inside but you'll need to check for things like missing tiles and the state of guttering and the brickwork. Look at the state of other properties in the area too.

While on the outside, also look into whether your property has an allocated parking space and/or if there are any parking restrictions in the area.

If you have time, check out the neighbourhood to get a feel for local area and the people you might be living near. Visit at different times of the day and pop into local shops, public spaces and schools, if you have children.


Should I get buildings insurance for my new home?

是的你应该。拿出来很重要建筑物保险as soon as you have agreed and exchanged the contracts. It's at this point that the house becomes your sole responsibility and having building insurance means you're covered if anything happens to it before you move in.

Buildings insurance should be part of your moving house to-do list as it protects you against the cost of repairing damage caused by:

  • subs
  • Collisions involving vehicles, airplanes, trees and lamp posts
  • Frozen and burst pipes
  • Vandalism and burglaries
  • Fires, storms, explosions, floods and earthquakes

Sorting out home insurance when buying a house

Whether it's your first day or last day in your home, you still need to make sure you're covered. Here's what to do about home insurance when you're moving.

Already insured

  • 让您的保险公司了解您的地址变更。
  • Leave plenty of time, so it can be done before the day contracts are exchanged. If things don't work out, this can always be changed back.
  • 确认您当前的房屋仍然被保险覆盖,直到您离开。

Not insured

  • 您需要新的家庭的地址,其市场价值和财产的价值您需要覆盖。
  • Contact insurers and find a policy that suits you, it should cover both buildings and contents.
  • 安排一项开始你进入的那天的政策,以便你完全被覆盖。


Home insurance for £110 or less

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* Survey of new business sales from, June 2021 to August 2021. Prices based on standard joint cover only.